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Business and Family | Taylor Levy + Che-Wei Wang

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Today, we'd like to introduce you to Taylor Levy and Che-Wei Wang [pron. sey-wey]. They are designers, inventors, parents, and lobsters. Yes, lobsters. They give a beautiful explanation as to why. Both Taylor and Che-Wei are alumni of MIT Media Lab and ITP at NYU. Their unique life experience has informed how they try to approach life, work, and family. They exist to create the things they want to see in the world - from one of a kind time capsules, key wranglers, and beautifully designed pens (there's even one with a ruler on it!). We also learn about their guiding principles when creating new things. This duo is wise beyond their years. Listen and learn with us!

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Super Bowl Baby... Literally | Martavia + Jarius Wynn

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Episode 48 is full, full of new life and tips on how to use a whiteboard to organize your life. In this episode, we learn from Martavia and Jarius Wynn, husband and wife and parents to four beautiful kids. Jarius is a former NFL player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who won Super Bowl XLV in 2010. Since his retirement, the duo runs a Real Estate business out of Athens, Ga (Go Dawgs!). Over the past few years, they've learned to excel as a team and find their own roles within the business. Make sure to listen until the end, so you can hear a real-life story from this couple that involves a baby and the Super Bowl. We also hear how this couple manages an extremely busy life - with kids, all their activities, running a business while trying to make time for each other.

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A Start-up and Parenting a Differently Abled Child | Ben + Laura Harrison


This week we meet Ben and Laura Harrison, Co-Founders of Jonas Paul Eyewear. Their mission is to help kids feel like themselves: comfortable, confident, and stylish. They strive to do it at a fair price while also giving a portion of each sale to help prevent childhood blindness around the world.

Out of a very personal experience, The Harrison family created Jonas Paul Eyewear after their son was born with a rare disorder known as Peter's Anomaly, which gave them a window into the world of blindness. Ben and Laura share very honestly about the ups and downs of parenting a child that is differently abled while running a business and working together.

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Whatever it takes | Jennifer + Mike Foster


In episode 46, we meet Jennifer and Mike Foster, a couple who is all about creating togetherness. They are the Co-Authors of Five Dates, his and her workbooks to create connection! Mike is a speaker, author, and the podcast host of Fun Therapy. They have been married for 20+ years with two kids. Mike and Jennifer are fun, kind, and full of stories. They don't shy away from pain, and they encourage us all to do "whatever it takes." Listen out for their most recent fight and how what they thought they were fighting about was actually something completely different, sound familiar right?

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