Super Bowl Baby... Literally | Martavia + Jarius Wynn

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Episode 48 is full, full of new life and tips on how to use a whiteboard to organize your life. In this episode, we learn from Martavia and Jarius Wynn, husband and wife and parents to four beautiful kids. Jarius is a former NFL player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who won Super Bowl XLV in 2010. Since his retirement, the duo runs a Real Estate business out of Athens, Ga (Go Dawgs!). Over the past few years, they've learned to excel as a team and find their own roles within the business. Make sure to listen until the end, so you can hear a real-life story from this couple that involves a baby and the Super Bowl. We also hear how this couple manages an extremely busy life - with kids, all their activities, running a business while trying to make time for each other.

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