dr. henry cloud

Boundaries | Tori + Dr. Henry Cloud


On Episode 53, we talk with Tori and Dr. Henry Cloud. Tori is a nAuthor + Philanthropist and Psychologist, Consultant and Author. Dr. Cloud is most famous for his book called “Boundaries”, which has sold more than 4 million copies.

“Boundaries define what is me and what is not me.”

We talk about boundaries in relationships and how building in structure within your marriage and family creates healthy boundaries.

They share about the importance of being responsible for our own needs and not blaming others for our disappointments.

Natural consequences are a value that they hold as a family and how over-parenting and parenting out of your fears can be a detriment to your children.

We even discuss Dr. Clouds book “How To Get a Date Worth Keeping” and get his advice about dating. He thinks singles need to let go of a certain “type,” change their traffic patterns and up their dating numbers. This is an episode for those that are married or single—so listen today!

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