Rhythms of Life

Hustle, Anxiety and Rhythms | Rebekah + Gabe Lyons

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In Episode 59, Jeff and André talk with old friends, Gabe and Rebekah Lyons. Gabe is a speaker, author and Founder and President of Q Ideas, which is a platform that works towards restoring the credibility and image of Christianity. Rebekah is also a speaker, Founder of Q Ideas, and a bestselling author. Her new book, Rhythms of Renewal, calls us to “trade stress and anxiety for a life full of peace and purpose.” Rebekah and Gabe recently released a podcast called: The Rhythms for Life Podcast. Check it out!

In this episode of the Love or Work Podcast, They propel one another to hustle out their dreams but push for oneness while in the process. Listen to Gabe and Rebekah share their journey of raising four kids, overcoming a life of anxiety, and having an engaging marriage that leads to unity in their decisions.