Love and Pizza | Drew + Natalie French


On this week’s episode of Love or Work, we hear from the founders of Your Pie Pizza, Drew and Natalie French. This couple started their business on their honeymoon in Italy 10 years ago. They have worked together and also had to sacrifice a career for each other. They offer incredible insight into what it’s like for one of them to put their lifelong dream on hold when kids come into the picture. It’s a real challenge that many of us face.


Welcome to the Love or Work Podcast, hosted by Andre Shinabarger (Physician Assistant, Grady Hospital) and Jeff Shinabarger (Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Plywood People). They are asking the question: Is it possible to change the world, stay in love and raise a healthy family? 100 interviews where Jeff and Andre learn from other working families in the journey of marriage, purpose and parenting.


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