Being Intentional | Lyndie + Chris Carneal

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In episode 62, Meet Lyndie and Chris Carneal! They are the Founders of Booster, a school fundraising company on a mission to change the world through character development and unique programming. Chris and Lyndie have been married for 17 years. Chris first noticed Lyndie in 8th grade, and they solidified their friendship through college. The duo now has four kids and they live a life of intentional purpose, from the goals they set together (ie: the 150 meals) to the Life Excel spreadsheet they share (don't worry, we will get into that).

Chris and Lyndie are incredibly fun, together and separate. They share with us all what it's like when one person in a couple is high intensity and programs out most aspects of their life, while the other needs a little more downtime. It's incredibly relatable, and we think you'll be encouraged and challenged in this episode!