Sex Therapy with an Expert | Laurie Watson


Sex. We all do it. Most want to do more of it, and we all have a difficult time talking about it.

In episode 42, Jeff and Andre interview Laurie Watson, a sex therapist with 30 years of experience, Author and Co-Host of 'Foreplay: Radio Sex Therapy.' For about three weeks, we collected questions from our listeners, and Laurie answers all of them without hesitation. We'll learn about all the things, from the number of times per week that is considered healthy to vibrators to how to overcome a mental block to reach orgasm. We won't say this episode covers it ALL, but it's pretty close.

Our hope in this episode is to help normalize a conversation that can be difficult. We want to empower each of you to enter your partnerships with confidence and maybe some tips and tricks to maintain a healthy relationship.

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